Mr Dan Wild - Head Teacher


Mrs Dawn Walton – Deputy Head Teacher, Years 4-6

Mrs Natasha Jervis - Deputy Head Teacher, Years 1-3

Mr Dean Hogarth - Deputy Head Teacher, Early Years and Extended Day

Year 6

Mrs Hamblin
Mrs Webb
Mrs Halliday
Mrs Drury

Mrs Richards
Miss Jewell

Year 5                                               

Mrs McClair
Mrs Gilmore
Miss Smith 

Mrs Lam

Year 4                                                                                               

Mrs Hussain  
Mr Race
Mrs Wilkhu

Mrs Grace
Mrs Jundi

Year 3           

Miss Lowry
Mrs Bassral
Mrs Kafai

Mrs Reynard
Mrs Porter
Mrs Ahmed
Miss O'Keefe
Mrs Evans

Year 2

Mrs Meredith
Mrs Johnson
Mrs Satchwell/ Miss Isaacs
Mrs Pressick
Mrs Thatcher

Year 1

Miss Wint  
Mrs Harris
Mrs English
Mrs Harris
Mrs Dean
Mrs Wightman
Mrs Lyons
Miss Lawlor
Miss Briggs
Mr Byrne
Miss O'Keefe
Mrs Evans

Foundation 2 (Reception)

Mrs Jarvis
Mrs Billingsley
Miss Harris
Mrs Broome
Mrs Doonan
Mrs Hayer
Mrs Walters 
Mrs Morgan
Mrs Wightman
Miss Lawlor
Mrs Meddings

Foundation 1 (Marmosets Nursery) & Monkeys

Mrs Ricketts 
Mrs Hewitt
Mrs Hadgkiss
Mrs Leverton
Miss Lawlor

Family Support Workers

Mrs Gail Patterson
Mrs Huma Dean

Monkeys Childcare

Mr Dean Hogarth (Manager)
Mrs Diane Gregory (Deputy Manager)
Mrs Lisa Ross (Deputy Manager/ Little Chimps Room Leader)
Mrs Penny Dhadwar  (Office)
Mrs Linda Collett (Finance)
Miss Jennie Hadgkiss (Monkeys Room Leader)

Inclusion Team

Mrs Watson (Inclusion Leader)
Mrs Sadler (Assistant SENDCO)
Mrs Richards 
Mrs Thatcher
Mrs Lyons
Mrs Taha El Jundi
Mrs Porter
Mrs Ahmed
Mrs Dolan
Mr Byrne
Miss Briggs
Mrs Evans
Mrs Lam
Mrs Humphreys
Miss Wood
Mrs Tribe

Office Staff

Mrs Fiona Chappelow (Operations Manager)   

Mrs Rimple Shingadia (Finance Manager)                       

Mrs Natalie Atkins (Attendance and Admissions)

Mrs Pat Patterson (Communications)

Mrs Sandy Toor